"Maaan...This is Real"
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Well, here we are , yet again.

I suppose I should just resign myself to the fact that the killing of us by police-the system- is going to continue-despite our continuing efforts to bring attention to it.
 We march, we acquiesce- nothing seems to satisfy your insatiable desire to kill us.

Nawww!! That ain't happening!

This BLACK MAN shall never be pushed to the point of giving up-giving in. There has to be a point that you become enlightened to the fact that as a people we wish you no ill will. A point that you avail yourselves to the reality that the indomitable spirit of my people will prevail. No, not to the point of your demise- as you appear to desire for us- but to that place that YOU resign yourselves to the reality that WE are desirous of a peaceful existence. 

My signature sign-off to my pieces is- OUR SPIRIT LIVES.
I did not choose that because I thought it was a catchy phrase. I chose those words because they are TRUE. The SPIRIT of my people-who have endured so much- SHALL continue to live within the lives of of US who remain to endure this fleshly struggle. OUR SPIRIT shall even remain within  those that you  prematurely send to that eternal place to dwell with their forefathers.

Please recognize that!!



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