Episode 021: Create relationships and conversations with customers, through compassion
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In today’s episode of the Conversational Messaging Podcast, we spoke to Nidhi S Mittal, who is the head of marketing at JioSaavn, and Srinivas Vijayaraghavan, who’s the VP of marketing at Gupshup. 

In this insightful conversation, Nidhi spoke about what drives her love for marketing, and how she approaches communication with consumers. She walked us through the key points of the right communication with your audience, whilst not drowning them in automated emails.

Using data to engage customers through meaningful conversations.

Understanding analytics and building strategies around the data is crucial for marketers. Nidhi walked us through her process of analyzing data and deploying the most effective form of communication with your audience. She also spoke about how to not overdo chatbot automation and outreach in general.

“You have to understand the people, process, and the product part of it, you need to put up the best of the product and understand what's really applicable to you, and then expand it over a period of time. you have to have a very, very seamless process from the start till the end for your own internal, team as well who's delivering and also for the customer point of view.” - Nidhi


How to not overdo communication.

We are drowned in information whenever we go on the internet. It is very easy for brands to push their agenda too hard on their audience without knowing the right conversation streams, and how to communicate ‘the right way’ is where miracles happen, as Srinivas explains.

“It's easy to sort of create some distance between your audience and you., while you still might be visible everywhere on every format or retargeting and all of that, but, you should always take care to ensure that you, your brand, and its followers don't feel a separation or a distance. And that is happening quite a bit because, a lot of digital marketing today is sort of like mass marketing, even though you have very good targeting mechanisms. There is a lot of fatigue, that's also creeping in, to what consumers, experience. 
I mean, the kinds of stimuli that we are exposed to, as consumers on a day-to-day basis is humongous. And it's very hard to make and keep that connect with your followers, which is where I think the one-to-one connect with, your followers is where the power of conversations really comes in” - Srinivas


Nidhi is a ‘marketer by passion.’ Over years of working across various genres of marketing, she’s developed keen insights into consumer engagement and creating meaningful conversations. Currently, she employs her expertise for marketing in the music streaming industry. 

Srini has over 2 decades of experience in running marketing for high-growth technology companies and managing corporate marketing, product marketing, and demand generation. Prior to Gupshup, he held marketing leadership positions with Qubole, Pluralsight, Mobileum, and Tejas Networks.


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