Episode 016: How to humanize and personalize your chatbot interactions
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In today’s episode of the Conversational Messaging Podcast, we spoke to Rumi Ambastha, who’s the Director of brand marketing at The Man Company, and Srinivas Vijayaraghavan, who’s the VP of Marketing at Gupshup.

In this insightful conversation, Rumi walked us through how her and her team at The Man Company humanize, personalize and optimize their chatbot experience on their website. She let us know exactly how they consistently create new content for their chatbot and interactions for over 100 SKU’s with their users.

Humanizing the messaging

Chatbots are such a powerful to tool for ecommerce companies like The Man Company. Why? Well, they allow them to scale their customer interactions. Instead of having a team member, having to spend his/her time with a customer, a chatbot can be programmed to answer any and every question a customer may have. But to make that experience a positive one for the customer, the messaging needs to be deeply thought about. Rumi walks us through exactly how her and her team do so.

“So, it becomes extremely crucial for a D2C brands like ours, because you are talking to all kinds of men, different age, different region, different language, and you are talking to them not just on online, you're talking to them offline, you're talking to them on your DMs, on your social media. So, your conversation in all the spaces need to be, need to have the same tonality or the same language.” - Rumi

Optimizing your messaging

For a company like The Man Company, it’s so crucial to be consistently updating their chatbot based on their previous interactions. Everytime a customer asks a question, it’s a new learning for the marketing team to decide whether they want to include that as part of their interactions.

“Data plays a huge role here, because we have a very robust customer database. There is a lot of insights coming to us. Then the job is, of the marketer to cull out actionable insights from that and enrich, not just your physical people standing, offline but also your chat, your bots. You need to be a customer centric brand to actually progress and there has to be a lot of self-awareness that you may not have all the right answers right now as a marketer, but the customers out there will be teaching you a lot of new things. So, you need to stay open with all this knowledge that is coming from every medium possible.” - Rumi


Rumi Ambasta is the Director of Brand Marketing at The Man Company and she specializes in building powerful brands and effective messaging campaigns. Rumi has a wealth of experience in marketing and has spent her entire career helping brands grow their awareness.

Srini has over 2 decades of experience in running marketing for high-growth technology companies and managing corporate marketing, product marketing and demand generation. Prior to Gupshup, he held marketing leadership positions with Qubole, Pluralsight, Mobileum and Tejas Networks.




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