Episode 015: How to build and scale a great story
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In today’s episode of the Conversational Messaging Podcast, we spoke to Rapti Gupta, who’s the director of brand marketing at Instamojo, and Srinivas Vijayaraghavan, who’s the VP of Marketing at Gupshup.

The conversation centered around two major points. The first was how to build messaging campaigns and stories that resonate with audiences, and the second was how to use chatbots to scale and personalize interactions with end customers.

Building Testimonial Campaigns that resonate

Testimonial campaigns are powerful. The reason they work so effectively, is because they are genuine reviews of your product or service, from people who look and speak exactly like your audience. And this a great way of building trust with your audiences. At InstaMojo, Rapti and her team are currently running a very successful testimonial campaign called Mojo Stars.

”If you as a brand are able to tell your story and talk about the value that you can create to your end customer and the impact that you are delivering through your product or service. I think that's what's the most important part of a story for a business, especially when you're doing a customer testimonial. Today, Mojo Stars is a very heartfelt and a very warm campaign for everybody who's looking at it and understanding it. It's written in first person where they are talking about their challenges, they're talking about how they went about solving it” - Rapti Gupta

The Key Elements of a Great Story

“It's really about their journey, the focus is the customer. And I think it goes and it extends beyond just storytelling. It has to be even on your product. The only reason that your B2B SaaS product will work if they understand the customers from the core, right? What are the real problems that they're facing? What are the challenges that they face on a day to day basis.” - Rapti Gupta

The importance of personalizing your chatbot communications

Instamojo’s customers are ecommerce entrepreneurs. And to enable their B2C Entrepreneurs, they allow them to access chatbots through their app store. The main purpose of this is to help them improve their communications with their prospects and to personalize the experience.

“They struggle with traffic to their stores. And once someone lands on the store, you wouldn't want to lose them. You can't afford to lose them. So chatbots allow a great way to capture those leads, and understand what channel they came from and what kind of things they were looking And also, there are FAQs, and different other things that one could use on the ecommerce website to engage the lead who has not yet converted into a customer.” - Rapti Gupta


Rapti Gupta is the Head of Brand Marketing at Instamojo and she specializes in content execution and strategy. Rapti has been with Instamojo for over 5 years and has been a core member of their content team ever since joining them.

Srini has over 2 decades of experience in running marketing for high-growth technology companies and managing corporate marketing, product marketing and demand generation. Prior to Gupshup, he held marketing leadership positions with Qubole, Pluralsight, Mobileum and Tejas Networks.




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