Episode 013: IP Messaging - Backbone of Conversational Engagement
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In today’s episode of the Conversational Messaging Podcast, Gupshup’s Product Leader, Kunal Talreja, joins Srini to discuss how the Gupshup IP Messaging empowers a no-app, no-call, and no-store visit—the most convenient customer service for both sides. Tune in to see how less is more! 

The Gupshup IP Messaging 

Kunal explained the power of the Gupshup IP Messaging (GIP), a platform that transforms one-way messages into two-way conversations. Ultimately, GIP gets rid of inconvenient processes that require customers to call the brands, install applications, or visit the stores. By just clicking a link that’s embedded in messages sent to customers, customers can start transacting using automated customer service powered by smart bots. 

“When it comes to IP messaging, since it is on the internet, it gives you a leverage of using various different formats, can carry large files, and it can enable two-way communication.” - Kunal Talreja

Accessing Everything at Home 

Digitizing and automating customer processes should be a norm for brands, especially now that there are so many restrictions due to COVID-19. It’s a convenient and smart move for brands, no matter which industry they’re under—retail, banking, or even car dealerships. The customer should not have to go to stores, banks, or showrooms for processes they can complete by just scanning a QR code or clicking a link that would just collect their information and proceed with the process. With just a click, everything they need should be delivered right to their homes. 

“The customer change that a customer needs to make is not major; it's just within the same SMS template that they're using.”  - Srinivas Vijayaraghavan

Personalized, 24/7 Customer Service 

The GIP offers countless possibilities—customer experience improves significantly, from being able to reach resolution bots 24/7 to get a more personalized customer experience. For the brands, it’s quick and easy as they only have to provide the template for messaging and provide the functionalities (i.e. report fraud, file a complaint, apply for a loan, purchase a product, etc.). With the GIP, the messaging channel doesn’t stay a messaging channel; it becomes a marketplace where brands could expand and reach a wider audience. 

“It gives a very good competitive advantage to small retailers and SMEs to have their own digital store in which they can get customers to do all those transactions without coming to their store physically.” - Kunal Talreja


Kunal Talreja is a Product Leader at Gupshup. He’s been driving a lot of cool innovations around the area of messaging within the company. 

Srinivas has over 2 decades of experience in running marketing for high-growth technology companies and managing corporate marketing, product marketing and demand generation. Prior to Gupshup, he held marketing leadership positions with Qubole, Pluralsight, Mobileum and Tejas Networks.



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