Interview with Ted Neward - Part 1
Play • 39 min

In this episode I caught up with Ted Neward, an old friend and the first speaker at an Iasa conference many many years ago! We discuss agility and architecture as well as dig into what makes effective engineering teams, devops and much more.

Ted Neward is sometimes referred to as "The Dude of Software", owing to both his remarkable (some say frightening) resemblance to the Jeff Bridges character from "The Big Lebowski", and his ordination as a Dudeist Minister of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude, but he's also been called the "Dr. Gregory House of Software", owing to his tendency to pull no punches when talking about software and how to deliver it successfully. He's comfortable answering to either title, as well as a few others. He's familiar with more programming languages than most people knew existed, and hasn't found one yet that he couldn't turn into a 'mission-critical' application when asked. He is currently the director of technology at Quicken Loans.

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