Can We Talk About It? with Debi Ghate
Philanthropy Roundtable
It seems there are more and more topics we shy away from out of fear of offending, being shouted down, or getting “canceled.” We in the philanthropy sector can either accept this as a new reality, or we can remember that our voices have value. We can and we should be able to talk about just about anything—to explore our own thinking and the thinking of others, to understand ideas that various people hold and why they hold them, to discover what we will commit to standing up for, and to understand why we hate the evil ideas we do. Can We Talk About It? centers around these topics. Each week, we’re going to celebrate success and all the great work philanthropy does. We’re going to get uncomfortable sometimes. We’re definitely going have fun. And we’re going to rediscover our voices.
Can We Talk About It? with Debi Ghate
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