Elemental blueprint - Akashic activations - with GevaAnn Voice of Gaia
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Looking at what's activating now in the blueprint for human consciousness and how that synchronises and nests within the evolution of Gaia, the planetary consciousness.
Live with GevaAnn, Voice of Gaia

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These conversations are encoded to help you activate your ability to read the akash, connect with your guidance and lift your cocreative mastery, unlocking, remembering, integrating and embodying the laws of reality creation. We're here to help you access your inner oracle and the support of the highest level guides that can work with you in that.

In love. Let's see what comes through... 💙✨

Channeled qna wth the Elementals, combined with energy activations and a look at what's activating in our human Blueprint - how humanity are evolving within Gaia - the creator consciousness awareness that's opening in our fields, connecting us with the pre-dawn of human consciousness within Gaia - how the vibratory remembering awakening in our body-fields now comes from the elemental activation happening in our Blueprints, reminding us of our oneness within Gaia - how we played and still play part in the experiment of human consciousness within the planetary consciousness - how that opens us up to our cocreative mastery in reality as our creator consciousness is awakened as a vibratory activity in our physical fields


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