Alignment Transmission - on the body consciousness reset
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With the reset in physical consciousness opening us to Oneness Awareness in the body, we're accessing hidden templates and buried gifts that come from vibrating in harmony within our physical world. This triggers the recall of ancient rememberings as we open to the tremendously expanded range and quantity of information that reaches us from the physical landscape we're a connected part of. Collectively, human consciousness is being supported to open up our long lost ability to take unconscious readings at a level of consciousness that's been closed to us for so long. With practise and not just predisposition we can take those readings from our physical landscape more and more consciously, reconnecting with gifts that have long been thought to belong to the realm of the supernatural and the gifted few. 

At this time, the awakening in our natural human blueprints of this ability to read our extended physical landscape is like a whisper of what's to come. Like Flower petals unfolding in our Divine Blueprints reminding us of what we can remember when we're divinely aligned. 
These are the words that come for this half moon alignment transmission. 
 With love. 
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One to one sessions are for opening us to the gifts, wisdom, guidance, healing and transformation that comes from within when we open to the I beyond all the stories of itself.

I read the akash of human blueprints and support people to align with their higher selves and soul purpose, open to hidden gifts and abilities and transform limitations. I believe we're the master cocreators of our own reality, we are our own guides, teachers, healers and masters.  And that we're here to embody our sovereignty in the realisation of the Self beyond separation. 

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