Divine Blueprint Update, Activation & Channelings - working with the resonances
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On Softness, Kindness & Forgiveness helping us heal grief, lift our capacity for caring and transform the energies of blame, guilt and judgement through taking aligned Response-Ability. With channeled messages from guides from Sirius as well as the as yet unnamed new guides I've been working with.
Some of the themes we'll be working with in our collective human blueprint over the next 3 lunar gateways. As we open to the divine resonances of Softness, leading to Kindness, allowing forgiveness, we heal the collective dissonances of blame and judgement on the move now as the alignment in Response-ability continues to push us to let go of what's not for us and take Response-Ability only where it's in alignment. 
Grief is healing and clearing from our fields this year, on top of the fear that wants to vibrate it's way out of our personal and collective fields still. And because we have collectively after to integrate and embody the divine resonances opening in our human blueprints and supporting our continued evolution and ascensión at this time, we are collectively cooking up manifestations that support us to heal our grief and open to softness. The more we work internally to open to the divine resonances and transmute and transform our grief, the less we need to manifest situations that trigger us to have these movements they're external experiences.

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