Equinox Full Moon Energy Update - major themes, divine resonances, energy Alchemy & how to work with it
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As we go through the gateway and enter the pause it's time to let go of worrying about the inner work we need to do and relax into being with how we're feeling inside. Taking the time to be in beingness and listen to our bodies, meeting the sensations that arise with loving compassion and the awareness that old energy structures are being dissolved into a new flow in us.ย 

A new body-flow of divine Shiva energy is integrating and pushing up constrictions in our energy field that we're likely to be feeling physically. Staying out of rush, push our forceful energy can help us have an easier time of it.ย 
And listening to how our bodies want to move. Not worrying about those aches or pains but bringing loving awareness to how we're feeling.

Why this is so physical is that the reset in consciousness is moving through the physical dimensions. We're still meeting what's moving as energy but more likely to be feeling things physically.

What's been being realigned in us since the last new moon and the full moon equinox culmination is how we show up in service. Taking us back 22 years to old ways of rescuing others or ourselves in crises and having a full moon cycle to find out why and where and how we can't be of service the way we used to. We can't push our bodies our of alignment and come out of centre to be of help and fulfill our purpose.ย 

That's because we're not needing to do that any more. Stories from old traumas and crisis events from earlier in our timeline have been surfacing so that those trapped frequencies can vibrate their way out of our fields. When they do our system stops receiving the information that reality is the way it used to be. And we're free to show up and be of service in a whole new way.

A way that allows us to be in enjoyment, follow our excitement and trust our impulses.ย 

Our bodies are not to be the site of suffering in the name of doing what needs to be done. And the baggage we carried from that was so great for most of us, it wasn't going to fit through the gateway we've just been through.

So if you've had a difficult month, it should get kinder, calmer and easier from here.ย 

Here's to choosing what we're letting go of, aligning in our centres, embracing the mystery of not knowing what's next..

Turning within for the answers, they can come to us in life when we least expecting.

Death, surrender and rebirth are big themes now and when we touch the energy of celebration we can be put in touch with the grace potential in the moment.

The realms supporting us at this time are both the realms of the earth devas and the cherubim - our friends who help us receive the divine gifts and interventions. Acknowledging and thanking them opens the doorways for more support.

We can suspect the earth devas are with us when we find ourselves encountering unusual, enchanting and out of place beings - especially from from the insect world.ย 

My recent visitors have been dragonflies and praying mantis - turning up in special moments and acting oddly :)

A friend had an iguana make a friend of him. I've seen photos from people of bright green and beautiful butterflies and insects I didn't know existed.ย 

How about you?

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