Lions Gate Approach - Channeled Message from Sirius - Courage & Creating
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Channeling Starts at 08:00
The Lion Beings from Sirius bring through the divine resonances which lift our creating, our courage and put us in touch with the flows of abundance while they bring through this technical and mystical transmission on the divine alchemy of our human blueprint. Focusing on Honour and Gratitude and talking about our relationship within Gaia to her reSources for our Creating and how this is changing at this time.

Preparing to listen to a channeling: activate the inner listener

somatic state listening - take a moment to shut the eyes, turn the attention inwards and throughout the transmission keep attention returning to notice the sensation of breath in the body, the sensation in the body as a whole. With the intention to receive what’s for you in a way that’s in loving integrity, safe and appropriate. 

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Beloveds, you are opening the fourth of the four gateways in the heart. This gateway takes you home to Source in the realm of your creations. In how you are co-creating within the world. With Gaia and her resources. Your relationship to your mother planet is changing. Allowing itself to come home to itself and remember that you are gifted her ReSources. 


Not because there aren’t enough of them for all of you to Do, from who you Are and bring in what you're For. But that in recognising that you are gifted, from an infinite, sustainable supply, a divine response is elicited in those moments when you can appreciate that. A response in you of honouring. Of gratitude. These are not human qualities of honouring and gratitude laden with associations of subordination and confusion. We would like to strip away all of that mud that sits upon ideas of honouring and gratitude - as they have become muddied. 


These are qualities that resonate in your fields. They’re frequencies that generate a resonance in you when you touch upon the essence of them. When those qualities arise spontaneously in you. In recognition of something sacred. And those qualities, those frequencies generate a resonance which puts you in touch with the harmonic resonance of the resources from which you are receiving. The resources of the planet. Whether you are eating food or using materials or buying something in a shop, it really does not matter. everything you touch has grown and evolved within the planet. Everything you bring into your life to use, to consume, to create with, it has evolved within the planet.


Whenever you lightly touch the awareness that you have been gifted this, that divine resonance of honouring, of gratitude arises within your fields and becomes part of the interchange - the energetic exchange, which is to say the exchange in consciousness. You recognise you are a consciousness within a consciousness, in a relationship of exchange. 


And the frequencies and resonances which are present in your part of that exchange affect how that flow will leave and return to you. How that flow of resources will leave and return to you. As you allow your flow to be infused with the qualities of honouring and gratitude, because you have lightly touched upon an awareness for a nano-second that you are being gifted reSources from the Earth as part of her, from within her - those divine resonances in you, of honouring of gratitude, elicit what we call reciprocal motion. 12:51

A sustainable relationship of giving and receiving. For the more gratitude there is resonant within your field, the more permission there is for an inflow from whatever reSources you are receiving, from whatever direction. Essentially this

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