Energy & Awareness Practices - Healing Ourselves to Change Our Reality - Dissolving our internal control paradigms with compassion
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When we find ourselves experiencing a situation we don't want, we can reach outwards and try to change other people and external circumstances that are beyond our control. When that doesn't work it's not necessarily because life wants us to suffer. But that a deep part of ourselves may be reaching out to us, wanting us to reclaim our sacred domain for sovereign creatorship.

Be Aware - as this is a transmission on self healing and internal processing, it may trigger strong responses in us for us to work with. The recommendation is to follow the guidelines below to create safe space within yourself for this to happen in a held way.

Strong Suggestion; engaging our inner listener.
This is a transmission. There's more encoded into this broadcast than the information contained in its words. To get the most from this as well as engaging our filters so we receive what's for us and what's not can pass us by, we can engage the inner listener. This way we listen with awareness in a safe, held way.
The way I do this is:
I use my intention to bring my attention inwards, into my centre and focussed on the sensation of breath in the body and on the sensation of the body as a whole.
This somatic state listening engages our 'inner listener' - the innate intelligence that filters out what's not for us and let's us register our response to what we're hearing, physically feeling whether we're in resonance with what's being transmitted.

In love,

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