the530club Podcast
Byron Dempsey & Aurelien Schibli
The premise of the club is simple: At 5:30 am, Monday to Friday, like-minded people meet in a local cafe and engage in a "power hour". This is one hour where people engage in a task to work on themselves, for themselves and get a head-start into the day. For many people, this has been a game-changer in productivity, health and happiness. Our vision is that young people all over Australia and beyond find clarity in their lives, build consistency in their habits and grow in community. This is what we value and what we are building. Sound like your cup of tea (or coffee)? Great! Why don't you bring something to do and meet us in the morning? See you bright and early and enjoy the conversations with not just Byron and Auri, but with club members who want to share how 5:30 club has changed their life! The 530 Club This podcast is our way to capture tips, tricks, and stories for you to listen and get inspired by.
the530club Podcast
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