Raising Eco Minimalists
Laura Durenberger
A community for those raising kids who care about the wellbeing of their mind, body, community, & the earth. Living a low waste and minimalist lifestyle can often feel like going against the grain of society. And when you throw kids into the mix? Finding a community of like-minded individuals to learn from, support, find encouragement, and overall who share the same values - at a similar level - can be challenging. This podcast is that community. Join me, your host, a self-described anxious eco-minimalist, every other week as I dive deep into issues and topics related to living an eco-friendly and minimalist lifestyle with kids. But above all, form a community that raises kids who care about the wellbeing of their own minds, bodies, and our earth (and everything that calls it home.) Be sure to subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode.
Raising Eco Minimalists
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