S3 E3: Simple Estate Planning for Everyone with Jennifer Leach Sandford, Pt. 1
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Welcome to "Simple Estate Planning for Everyone," where we break down the complexities of estate planning so that everyone can understand and take control of their future.

Our guest Jennifer explains that a will is a document expressing an individual's wishes about what happens to their assets after their death, and it can be changed as long as the person has the capacity to make rational decisions. We also dive into planning techniques that can be used to ensure that one's wishes and instructions are met.

Did you know that if someone dies without a will, their assets are distributed based on provincial laws, which may not include relatives outside of certain degrees of separation? We discuss why it's important to have a will in place and how online will kits and paper wills may not always be the best option for more complicated estates.

Finally, we talk about when it may be necessary to review your will such as when life circumstances change like marriage or divorce, receiving an inheritance, or moving provinces. Tune in for all this and more!

Our Guest
Jennifer Leach Sandford, Horne Coupar LLP
Jennifer is a lawyer practicing in the areas of wills, estates, trusts, tax planning, and taxpayer representation.Β  She joined Horne Coupar LLP in 2021 prior to which she worked as an income tax and trusts lawyer in Montreal and Toronto for over fifteen years. Β 

Hosted by Glory Gray of Glory Gray Wealth Solutions

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