Yellow of the Egg
Yellow of the Egg
Apr 17, 2023
German is a drag (w/ Sassica Rabbit & Ryta Tale)
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NOTE: In this episode, I say the following: "In simple terms, an AFAB queen is a cisgender woman who does drag as a drag queen." While AFAB queens are very often cisgender women, and the term is typically used to describe cisgender women doing drag, this is not necessarily the case for everyone. Anyone who does drag and was assigned female at birth can be considered an AFAB queen, and this can include trans men, non-binary people and more. Apologies for the confusion and the inaccuracy!


Right now, the drag scene in Vienna is experiencing a period of real blossoming on the one hand, but it’s also under threat, as the right wing is trying hard to frame drag as a danger. Despite these attempts to push drag down, drag is becoming more and more mainstream and, as a result, more and more visible, and with it, the language of drag.

In this episode I talk to two Sassica Rabbit and Ryta Tale, two drag artists from Vienna. We talk about what drag is, what language is used to describe it, and about the drag scene in Vienna, as well as their own experiences as drag performers in Austria.

Episode transcript:

Ryta Tale
- Instagram: @rytatale (
- Podcast: "Your Tale - Wiener Drag Artists im Gespräch mit Ryta Tale" (
- Links to events and more: 

Sassica Rabbit
- Instagram: @sassicarabbit (
- The Lipstick Ball - Instagram: @thelipstickball (
- Links to events and more: 

Petition: "Drag is not a crime":
Petition started by Candy Licious
- Instagram: @candy_licious._ ( 

Slurs and offensive language 
- Tunte / Schwuchtel / faggot (21:25-25:00)

Online dictionaries referenced (no affiliations)

Wikipedia article referenced: 

- List of LGBTQ+ terms (Stonewall):
 - Transgender terminology, incl. "transvestite" (National Center for Transgender Equality):
- Information on the New York ballroom scene (Wikipedia): 

TV shows referenced 
- Queen of Drags 
- RuPaul's Drag Race 
- Eurovision Song Contest 

Events referenced 
- The Lipstick Ball (Vienna) 
- Tuntenball (Graz) 
- Tuntathlon (Vienna) 

Yellow of the Egg is hosted and produced by Luke Green.

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