On Demand Hot Water for Tiny Homes: Discovering PrecisionTemp's Innovative Solutions
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Gerry Wolter is an inventor and entrepreneur who has revolutionized tankless hot water systems for small and tiny houses. His company, PrecisionTemp, offers innovative and American made water heating solutions for both heat and hot water. From onboard hot water for sailors to portable heaters for firefighters and tiny house tankless heaters, Gerry has done it all. Today, he's here to share his expertise on compact cutting-edge heating solutions for the tiny house movement. We’ll talk through the different models that PrecisionTemp offers and discuss why you might choose one over the other. Plus, we discuss hydronic heat and why it’s an option more people should consider. If you're planning to build a tiny home you won't want to miss this episode. So, let's dive in and learn from Gerry Wolter.

In This Episode:

  • 💡 Innovation in tankless hot water systems: How Gerry revolutionized tankless hot water systems for small and tiny houses.
  • 🏡 Hydronic heat for tiny houses: The advantages of hydronic heating, including comfort, energy efficiency, and noise reduction.
  • 🔥 Safety considerations: The importance of electronic ignition and flame proofing for pilot lights to prevent dangerous situations.
  • 🚿 Continuous hot water supply: PrecisionTemp's on-demand hot water heaters provide a continuous and stable hot water supply.
  • 🌬️ Cold weather protection: PrecisionTemp's heaters have protective measures to prevent damage from cold temperatures, including additional heating elements and freeze protection settings.
  • ⚒️ Proper placement and planning: The importance of properly placing water heaters in a floor plan to optimize accessibility and minimize water usage.
  • 💪 PrecisionTemp's commitment to quality and service: PrecisionTemp is known for its innovative, American made products and dedication to providing excellent customer service.
  • ⏳ Planning takes time: The importance of planning and designing properly to avoid additional work and complications during installation.

This Week's Sponsor:

We spoke with John and Fin Kernohan from the United Tiny House Association, they have a total of three PrecisionTemp On Demand hot water heaters. PrecisionTemp professionally installed all three of the Kernohan’s water heaters and now they have an on demand supply of endless hot water. These units are suitable for any tiny lifestyle and are available for propane or natural gas.

PrecisionTemp is offering $100 off any unit plus free shipping when use the coupon code THLP. So head over to precisiontemp.com and use the coupon code THLP at checkout for $100 off any unit. Thank you so much to PrecisionTemp for sponsoring our show.

Full show notes at www.thetinyhouse.net/gerry-wolter

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