Treehouses and Funky Shelter: Exploring the Work and Workshops of Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen
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Today’s episode is with fan favorite Derek "Deek" Diedricksen. Deek has been on the show several times, but I invited him back because it is the 10th anniversary of his super fun and unique signature tiny house building workshop, called Tiny House Summer Camp. In this interview, we'll talk about Deek’s hands on approach to workshops and how he structures these events so you can get your hands on power tools and build, to really get a sense of what it's like to build a small home. It wouldn't be an interview with Deek without lots of fun stories. We talk about how he has built small homes on public land that are completely hidden from view, how to start small, and other workshops and writing projects he has on his plate. Deek is always cooking up lots of interesting things, tune into this really fun conversation.

In This Episode:

  • Workshop Reflections  🎉 Celebrating 10 years of Tiny House Summer Camp workshops 
  • Woodworking Tips 🪚 Start small and gain experience 
  • Importance of Patience in Woodworking ⌛️ The importance of patience, taking time, and selecting the right tools
  • Tiny House Summer Camp Workshop 🏡 Insight into the hands-on Tiny House Summer Camp workshop 
  • Building Outside the Box: Unique Creations 🏗️ The focus on making building and construction projects stand out from others in the field
  • Hands-On Learning vs. Traditional Presentations 👐  Effectiveness of hands-on learning versus traditional talk-based presentations
  • Eclectic Band and New Album 🎶 The band, their upcoming album, the eclectic nature of their music, and their influences 
  • Workshops and Events 🌲 Live hands on workshops in Vermont and California

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