In Bed With YAYA
This is a podcast for those working in or interested in the creative arts. An industry insight that you will find is hard to beat. Where do creatives do most of their thinking? Well, many admit that a lot of ideas happen while they are in bed! For example, Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory was inspired by a dream, as was Christoper Nolan’s Inception. So hop into bed with with me and my guests and we'll take you under the covers and show you what's rarely seen! A life in the creative arts might not be all that it seems! We explore their morning routines, their nighttime dreams, and everything in between! A writer, spoken word poet, creative professional, former dancer and music lover, I have always had a huge interest in and passion for the Arts. Currently a director of my own creative agency I previously worked for many years in public service broadcasting with BBC Radio in Central London. I am also a professionally trained classical ballet dancer, having trained full-time at The National Theatre Ballet School in Melbourne and the Glen Street Academy of Performing Arts in Sydney, Australia.
In Bed With YAYA
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