The Deep Dark Road: Living With Schizophrenia and Coming Back. Ryan’s Story.
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 An Acid Trip in college led to “never feeling the same again” - to actions to feed drug habits, to inner thoughts of suicide and harm, a diagnosis of schizophrenia, treatment - and now, a Master's Degree and full-time work.

The 3 Moms ask Ryan the questions our sons aren’t ready to answer.

  • What does psychosis feel like?
  • What is the effect of weed on your symptoms?
  • Do you tell potential new friends you have schizophrenia?
  • What support helps you? Family? Friends?
  • What are your “extended thoughts” like?
  • Why did you ask for voluntary hospital stay?
  • What advice would you give others with sz? What would a peer support network mean to you?

Ryan says:

“Being diagnosed with schizophrenia was my second chance at life in a very, very weird way.”

“Paranoia can be a deep, dark road, especially if you’re not aware of it. ”

“I'm very happy with where I'm at. It's enough, where I can recognize that I have an illness and that I am hallucinating but not enough where my hallucinations run my life.”

“The great part about reality is that it’s shared. I was not sharing with other people.”   

" I will continue to listen to your podcast to understand the struggle my family goes through. In bits in pieces, of course, because too much of that at once could be an overload."

What helps Ryan: Advice to others with schizophrenia:

  • Take your meds (when dosage reduced, hallucinations increase)
  • Don’t smoke weed.
  • Practice mindfulness. -  be aware of your “voices” and get out of your head.
  • “You’re a genius. And I mean that people are always going to treat you like you're different, and you are. It takes an incredibly strong person to go through what you're going through. And it's not going to be easy, but God put that on you, for a reason and you're strong you're intelligent. One day you'll have the strength to confront your paranoia. Until then rely on your family, rely on your friends, rely on the people around you. It's okay to not be okay, but it's okay to be okay, too, and one day you'll be okay, I promise.”

Who Are the 3 Moms?

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Randye Kaye -Broadcaster, Actress, Voice Talent, Speaker, and Author (Ben Behind his Voices”)

Miriam Feldman – Artist, Mom, Author “He Came in With It

Mindy Greiling – member of the Minnesota House of Representatives for twenty years. Activist, Legislator, Author (“Fix What You Can“)






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