Rebuilding Life When you Have Schizophrenia: Rebecca’s Story
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Rebecca Lyn Phillips

Rebecca Lyn Phillips, 43, is a published author, speaker, and mental health advocate.  She regularly shares her story of trial and recovery to help others who need hope.  She wants to shine a light on a dark subject and show that life can happen again.

Episode 9: Rebecca Lyn Phillips, Part One

3 Mom Updates: 

  • When SMI peer community can be a problem
  • Having a “mundane” problem put in perspective
  • Periods of calm  

Rebecca’s story:   

  • early life - filled with love, or filled with trauma? (the answer: love)
  • "Dark Days" how psychosis started for Rebecca, what it felt like " I was tormented by intrusive thoughts and beliefs that hurt me." -- what was that like?
  • Spirituality and psychosis 
  • “Voices” or “intrusive thoughts”?
  • First and subsequent hospitalizations and medications:  what was that like?
  • Why go off your meds if they seem to help?
  • Did you tell friends and other family members about what you were going through?
  • Lowest point, and turning point: when things turned around - what clicked? the right doctor? the right medication? Your own awareness? The right words at the right time?


Mindy and her book:

Randye and her book:

Miriam and her book:

Rebecca’s book, Heart to Heart:

Living with Schizophrenia” Documentary:


“When I was 17, I started sleeping in my was like I was trying to escape my mind” - Rebecca

“When I was 18, I was sleeping in the bathroom in the art building because I thought I was in danger.” - Rebecca

“I was so scared that I’d have to be in a group home for the rest of my life...and I’d die there” - Rebecca

“The psychiatrist sat across from me and he said ‘I know your family member can accept your illness, but can you accept your illness?’...and something in my psyche shifted..and I thought ‘I actually have a choice here.’” - Rebecca

“I accept (and I don’t always do it with joy) -I accept that I have an illness. It’s a daily thing, and it’s taken years and years of struggle.” -Rebecca

“The voices  - the thoughts - were saying to me ‘flush all your medication down the toilet’” - Rebecca

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