Wellness Myths
Wellness Myths
Mar 24, 2021
MYTH: You Need Protein Powder to Make Gains
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Ever been in the fitness supplement aisle while being peer-pressured by some guy with overly gelled hair in a muscle tee to buy a $60 canister or pre-workout or protein powder? Confused about how to eat for optimal fitness performance? Maybe you just want to feel better and have stamina to get through your favorite movement practice. This one is for you!

Courtney Rayppy joins the girls today to discuss all things related to exercise nutrition. This episode is for ANYONE who moves their body- you don't need to be a body builder to implement pre and post workout nutrition to optimize your fitness. Listeners will learn about the the multi-million dollar industry that is the fitness supplement game, whether or not you *really* need protein powder, and the science behind trendy topics like fasted cardio and BCAAs. Expect some anti-diet culture talk (as per usual) and the sweet sounds of Courtney's cat meowing intermittently in the background.

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