Roots Change
Amy Linsmeyer
I hate to be the one to break the news, but you've been bamboozled. Those lines we've been fed... the ones that put limitations on our worth, what we can achieve in life, how far we can go, what we do or don't deserve - total garbage. Okay, it's safe to say not EVERY listener has been spoon-fed that bologna by their past, the trauma caused by their past, or the people in it... but it's safe to say a great deal of you have. This message is for you. You're actually not stuck. Even if your circumstance can't change right now, you can. I'm Amy, a certified life coach & personal growth mentor. More importantly, a woman that's grown through what she goes through. Roots Change is my way of reaching into your world to help you out in the only way I know-how, the truth and my passion and what I truly feel called to do, coach. Join me as I talk about all things personal growth in a way maybe you haven't heard it before...without sugarcoating the journey.
Roots Change
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