Small Risk, Big Reward with Trading Room Moderator, Kira Turner, Ep # 132
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Kira Turner is a full-time, professional trader of stocks and options.  She is the Moderator at The Inner Circle Trading Group, a group of experienced traders helping each other to make great trades. In this episode of How To Trade It, Kira shares the importance of being flexible enough to remain profitable in difficult market conditions. You don’t want to miss it!

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  • [02:09] Changes after trading went “online”
  • [06:36] Risk management
  • [08:31] Success in the markets requires…
  • [11:26] Big challenges
  • [12:42} Time for a new strategy
  • [14:48] Realistic expectations
  • [17:47] Trading during a down cycle
  • [20:10] Recovering after a loss
  • [25:55] An affinity for “high risk” activities
  • [31:04] Get in touch with Kira

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Trading online
When Kira first started trading, she had to sit across the desk from a broker who took trades on her behalf.  When online trading became all the rage, trading changed drastically.  All of a sudden, there were so many more traders with sophisticated thought processes and strategies.  The moves in the market became faster and much more violent.  Where you used to trade in quarters, you now trade in pennies. And the changes keep coming, which is perhaps the reason Kira describes her trading style as “flexible”.  She has admittedly had to completely adjust her methods multiple times, based on the market’s ever-changing conditions.

Success in the markets
Kira believes that in order to have success in the markets you must first have confidence in your system. You have to understand sizing. And, most importantly, you must also exercise great risk control. It’s critical for long-term success to learn to size correctly and manage your risk well, so that if you are wrong on a trade, you are able to take the loss and move on.  No one is right all the time, so you must prepare for those times in advance.   

Trading in a down cycle
The market has been very challenging this year, but you can still trade well in a down cycle, according to Kira Turner.  Last year, the market just kept going up and up and up.  If you had a bad trade or two, you could save yourself by simply buying more and holding on for the ride. In 2022, we haven’t been so lucky.  Kira has stopped holding as many positions, has reverted to more day trading, and is being more discriminate about which trades she’s willing to short. The crazy runs of 2021 were fun while they lasted, but 2022 has taught Kira to cut her losses quickly. It’s been her ability to be flexible and adjust to the changing market that has kept her not just afloat, but profitable, in the midst of these difficult market conditions.   

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