The Integrity of Production Design with Carlos Barbosa
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Ever wonder what the job of a production designer looks like? 

Production design is one of the most important elements in film and TV. It sets the tone, creating an immersive world for the actors and viewers alike. 

In this episode, I talk with Carolos Barbosa, an extremely talented production designer who has worked on the pilot of 24 – which nominated him for an Emmy – Lost, CSI Miami, Studio 60, among many others. Carlos was born in Colombia and moved to Los Angeles to work on an architecture project, but this is also where the world of designing for the silver screen became a real possibility for his career. 

Throughout our conversation, Carlos shares his story of how he transitioned to architecture to production design, what it’s like to collaborate with directors and showrunners, and how he sees the future of design in the TV and film industries. 

Tune in to hear more about the life and career of a production designer!

Some Questions I Ask: 

  • How did you go from architecture to production design? (5:41)
  • How does it feel when your production designs get torn down after wrap? (8:35)
  • How does the production design process start? (12:50)
  • Have you ever been tempted to leave a project after butting heads with the director or showrunner? (18:58)
  • What directors are you dreaming to work with right now? (24:55)
  • What is your life and career’s mantra? (31:08)

In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  • What it was like on set for the television show Aquarius. (3:38)
  • How Carlos got his first job in production design. (5:56)
  • How Carlos evaluates his projects and picks what to work on. (13:17)
  • How Carlos protects the integrity of his work. (19:24)
  • What the future of production design and augmented reality looks like. (27:18)

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