She Talks Birdie
She Talks Birdie
Oct 16, 2021
The Step-by-Step Guide to Take the Pain Out of Your Snowbird Migration | Episode 014
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Many of my clients have asked me why they feel like they lose ground (or actually play better) in one location over another.

If you’re a snowbird, you are familiar with the challenges that can come when transitioning from north to south, and back again. That’s why in this episode I share the step-by-step guide to take the pain out of your snowbird migration. It includes 3 easy to complete steps that will help you keep making progress season over season.

Take a moment to download a copy of the worksheet for this episode HERE.

Here's how this episode plays out...

  • [8:23] Step #1: Reset Your Thinking - Before you can kick start a new season, you need to reflect on the one you are completing to assess your game in specific areas.
  • [10:46] Step #2: Reset Your Strategy - It's important to keep a running list of all the valuable reminders to play each of your home courses at your best. A cheatsheet of targeted information can help you keep the right things top of mind.
  • [12:17] Bonus Tip - Don't neglect considering how you might need to address how your migration might challenge you physically.
  • [12:46] Step #3: Reset Your Goals - With the information you gather in steps 1 & 2 you will be equipped to set new goals and corresponding action steps that will help you continue to make progress.

If you have any questions about how to select the right action steps to make your goals possible then consider joining me for my next Ask Me Anything Live Q&A in my Facebook group. I show up live every Tuesday at 11:00am ET and I'd be happy to help. To find this private free group, head on over to PLAY GREAT GOLF on Facebook.

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