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Machshavah Lab
Apr 30, 2021
What is the REAL Theme of Shavuos?
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In last week's Lomdeha Friday Seminar (4/30/21) we learned three answers to the question, "What is the theme of the Chag ha'Shavuos?" - that of the Ralbag, the Abravanel, and Rav Hirsch. In every machlokess there will be strengths and weaknesses to each side, and we attempted to identify the strengths and weaknesses in each of these three. We ended off with a handful of questions that remain to be answered. My hope is that this shiur paves the way for the next level of understanding!

For a written version of this shiur, check out my article entitled Shavuos is NOT About Matan Torah.
הרלב"ג - שמות יט:א; ויקרא פרק כג
אברבנאל - ויקרא כג:כא
רש"ר הירש - ויקרא כג:כא
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