Nick Egan Times
Nick Egan Times
Jun 20, 2021
Episode 39, with Jeffrey Deskovic
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On this episode we have an awesome guest. We have  Jeffrey Deskovic.
 Jeffrey Deskovic who has an amazing inspirational story.
 Jerffrey, is from New York who is known for having been wrongly convicted in 1990 at the age of seventeen of raping, beating, and strangling Angela Correa, a 15-year-old high school classmate at Peekskill High School. Jeffrey made a false confession, which he withdrew, and his DNA was excluded from that left at the scene. He was nonetheless convicted, based on police testimony that he had confessed. He served sixteen years, although he continued to maintain his innocence and appealed his conviction. He requested post-conviction DNA testing, but the DA's office, then headed by Jeanine Pirro, refused to accept his lay request. After a new DA was elected and Deskovic gained support by the Innocence Project, in 2006 DNA testing was conducted for Deskovic. It excluded his DNA from the evidence at the crime scene. Significantly, the forensic DNA was found to match that of an inmate already serving time for murder. The latter man confessed to the attack on Correa and was convicted of her death. Deskovic was exonerated and released in 2006. He has become an advocate for criminal justice reform. In 2014 a jury found in favor of Deskovic and awarded him $41.6 million in a federal civil suit against the county for wrongful imprisonment. Due to his pretrial settlement with the county, Deskovic was limited to receive $10 million. He has set up a foundation to work for reform. Jeffrey who spent 16 years in prison—from age 17-32—before DNA testing exonerated Jeffrey of murder and rape. Upon Jeffrey’s release, Jeff has become an advocate whose life is dedicated to freeing people, who have been wrongfully convicted as he was, along with pursuing legislative changes aimed at preventing those injustices in the first place. Jeffrey started a non-profit organization, The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice, using some of the money that Jeffrey won as compensation for what happened to him, and Jeff has been able to free 10 people and help pass 3 laws. As an advisory board member of a coalition group called, “It Could Happen To You”, we were able to help pass 4 additional laws and now have chapters in 2 other states [CA and PA]. Lastly, Jeffrey serves on the Global Advisory Council of Restorative Justice International. Since Jeffreys release, Jeffrey has become a recognized advocate, with a body of work consisting of delivering 200 presentations, authoring more than 200 articles, doing an uncountable number of media interviews, and meeting with many elected officials. Jeffrey has a Master’s Degree, a law degree, and on Oct. 26th Jeffrey officially became an attorney in pursuit of his dream of exonerating others as an attorney.

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