Aircrew Interview
Aircrew Interview
Oct 11, 2020
AI #152 : Happy Hour! | w/ Fighter Pilot Rick Peacock-Edwards *PART 1*
46 min

I sit down with former RAF Fighter pilot, Rick Peacock-Edwards, to have a candid chat with no set questions to talk about all things aviation over a nice chilled beer in Rick's"man cave".

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Mentors for Military Podcast
Mentors for Military Podcast
aka Mentors4Mil
EP-260 | Ryan Hendrickson, Tip of the Spear
Ryan Hendrickson is a Special Forces Engineer in the U.S. Army. Ryan transferred over to the Army in 2008 after completing enlistments in both the Navy and Air Force. He has many military deployments including Iraq, Afghanistan, and several South and Central American countries. In 2010, while serving as an 18C on his first deployment as a Green Beret, he survived an IED blast. He recalls, “my tib and my fib were poking out and I looked over, and my boot was probably about six inches away from me.” He was able to have a new procedure performed on his leg which allowed him to return to active duty, deploying in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 and earning him a Silver Star for his heroics on one particular mission. He wrote Tip of the Spear as a way to help him through some of the struggles he was experiencing. _______________ This episode is brought to you by UnCanna. Visit today for all of your Hemp CBD products. UnCanna is veteran owned and operated. If you enjoy our content and you want to help support our show, visit to become a donor of our podcast. Support a veteran owned business at today! Follow Mentors for Military: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Homepage:
1 hr 35 min
Space Nuts | Astronomy, Space and Science News
Space Nuts | Astronomy, Space and Science News
RIP Arecibo Observatory
Space Nuts Episode 230 with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley * RIP Arecibo. Fred discusses the importance of the venerable site...and what it’s loss will mean. * Listener questions galore...this episode we feature questions from listener Brian in Georgia, USA; Glyn from Albion, Victoria Australia; Snow from New Zealand and Damien Huxley. Fred has answers for all of you. For more Space Nuts, links, and to stream podcast episodes on-demand, visit our website at  (mobile friendly). Become a  Space Nuts crew member and gain immediate access to our catalogue of special commercial-free versions of Space Nuts plus bonus content now rolling out. Instant access to 60 plus posts once signed up...Simply sign on via our Patreon or Supercast pages… Space Nuts with Professor Fred Watson & Andrew Dunkley is creating Astronomy and Space Science Podcasts or (New) The Space Nuts Super Exclusive Commercial Free Feed and if you’d like to check out our new bundled options: Bitesz Network on Supercast  Sponsor Link: This episode of Space Nuts is brought you with the support of LastPass password manager...sorting out the biggest hassle we all have on the internet...and you can do it for free. Details at  Use this link and help support the show. Thanks... ExpressVPN - Rated No.1 by TechRadar and as used by us. For three months free with any 12-month package, just visit   and help support the show. NameCheap….the best way to buy and manage your domain names. Get more details at  and help support the show. This is the service we use to manage all of our domains and we highly recommend them.  For more Space Nuts visit  Join the Space Nuts Facebook and share stuff with other listeners, ask your questions….Andrew may even answer them. This is your community so we want to hear from you. Just search for the Space Nuts Group on Facebook and join today. See you there… Time to treat yourself with one of our new T-Shirts, Polo shirts, coffee mugs, stickers and more. Details here:   (They make great presents…just saying). Professor Fred Watson’s new book is available now - ‘Cosmic Chronicles’ - Are we alone in the Universe? Where did the Moon come from? How do we know what stars are made of? Could there really be a future in asteroid mining? In Cosmic Chronicles, Fred Watson – Australia’s Astronomer-at-Large and bestselling author – explores the hottest topics in space science and astronomy. By using our links you’ll be helping support the show. For our Australian listeners, you can... Support this show   See for privacy and opt-out information.
47 min
Battles of the First World War Podcast
Battles of the First World War Podcast
Mike Cunha
Champagne - Blanc Mont, Pt 2 (featuring Steven Girard)
On October 3rd, 1918, the Doughboys and Marines of the 2nd Division, AEF, hurled themselves against a hitherto impregnable German fortress: Blanc Mont ridge, the key to German defenses in Champagne. Podcast promo! If you’re interested in a daily podcast that gives you a short episode on anything from the history of the US penny to the Tunguska Event of 1908, then you need to head over to Gary Arndt’s “Everything Everywhere” podcast. Everything Everywhere podcast: Also, very excited to announce that I have teamed up with Nicole Chicarelli of The War Project on Instagram and Cullen Burke of the Cauldron Podcast (A History of the World Battle by Battle) to launch a new podcast project called “Fix Bayonets! First World War Podcast.” The story of WW1, from three view: strategic, tactical, and most importantly...human. Fix Bayonets! First World War Podcast: The BFWWP is on Patreon: Any questions, comments or concerns please contact me through the website, Follow us on Twitter at @WW1podcast, the Battles of the First World War Podcast page on FaceBook, and on Instagram at @WW1battlecast. Not into social media? Email me directly at Please consider reviewing the Battles of the First World War Podcast on iTunes.
37 min
Episode 540: Kevin Maurer, Acclaimed Journalist and Author of 'Rock Force'
This week we rolled back the clock with journalist and author Kevin Maurer as we talk about his most recent book Rock Force: The American Paratroopers Who Took Back Corregidor and Exacted MacArthur’s Revenge on Japan. Corregidor, as known as “The Rock” or the “Gibraltar of the East” was the scene of one of the worst defeats in American military history. Corregidor was the largest of four fortified islands protecting the mouth of Manila Bay. It had been fortified prior to World War I with powerful coastal artillery. It was relatively small, just 3.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide at its head, and only two miles from Bataan. Its widest elevated area, known as Topside, held most of the fort’s 56 coastal artillery pieces and installations. A labyrinth of tunnels connected the gun emplacements that housed 1,000 troops and a hospital. After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and invaded the Philippines, Corregidor came under siege from December 29, 1941, through April 1942. After the fall of Bataan, the Japanese landed troops on Corregidor. The bloody fighting continued until May when General Jonathan Wainwright, who commanded the American and Filipino forces after General MacArthur’s evacuation, surrendered. By late 1944, the war had turned and MacArthur was leading a monumental, but unnecessary, campaign to retake the Philippines. Thus, retaking “The Rock” was of huge symbolical importance to the Americans. Rock Force has been called a "genuine, compelling and utterly riveting" account of the harrowing fight for Corregidor in a way that "captures the language and trappings of World War II." It's truly a must-read for any history buff. Maurer is a very experienced author. He spent time embedded with Special Forces operators in Afghanistan and with the 82nd Airborne. He also co-wrote the book No Easy Day with Navy SEAL Mark Owen that recounts the raid that took out Osama bin Laden. So, he knows how to tell a military story. Don't miss our full review of Kevin's book Rock Force on SOFREP. Learn more about your ad-choices at
44 min
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