Aircrew Interview
Aircrew Interview
Oct 11, 2020
AI #152 : Happy Hour! | w/ Fighter Pilot Rick Peacock-Edwards *PART 1*
46 min

I sit down with former RAF Fighter pilot, Rick Peacock-Edwards, to have a candid chat with no set questions to talk about all things aviation over a nice chilled beer in Rick's"man cave".

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Veteran State Of Mind
Veteran State Of Mind
Geraint Jones
Veteran State Of Mind Episode 098: Critical Optimist, with Leo Jenkins
Leo Jenkins returns to the podcast. He is a father, poet, and author, and served as a US Army Ranger Medic in Afghanistan and Iraq. Leo's books can be found here: Insta: @leo.jenkins Geraint is on social media @grjbooks, and @veteranstateofmind Brothers In Arms audiobook: Merch and clothing to support the podcast can be found at You can find books from guests of the podcast here: You can connect with Geraint at @grjbooks across social media, and find his Afghanistan memoir Brothers in Arms in all good book stores. If you are a veteran struggling with mental health, or you just want a bit of help adjusting to civvie life, then say hello to the Royal British Legion at @royalbritishlegion or Thank you to our sponsors! The show doesn't happen without them! Combat Fuel - Combat Combover - Kamoflage Ltd - Rite Flank - Zulu Alpha Strap Company - @zulualphastraps For clips and content from the show, behind the scenes, and photos and videos of the guests' time on operations, follow @veteranstateofmind on Facebook and Instagram, and go to for links to all the connected sites, and an online submissions form for sending in your questions to the show. Cheers! Support the show (
1 hr 38 min
War Stories
War Stories
Preston Stewart
Part I - 2003 Invasion of Iraq (HA Luis Fonseca, Battle of Nasiriyah)
23MAR2003: Serving as a corpsman with 1/2 Marines during the invasion of Iraq, Hospital Apprentice Luis Fonseca and his men were tasked with moving through Nasiriyah and taking the Saddam Canal Bridge. Having faced little enemy resistance in the first few days of the invasion, the Marines RCT-2 found themselves in a pretty steady fight as soon as they entered Nasiriyah.  Rather than turning to run, the Iraqi military and paramilitary units here decided to fight.  The city was divided by three bridges along the critical highway 7.  Despite the enemy resistance, the Marines cleared the first and second bridge and set their sights on the Saddam Canal.   Now between two bridges in an urban environment, the enemy sprung their trap.  Firing from all directions, Iraqi fighters hammered the Marines with machine gun fire as mortars and artillery rounds found their mark.  Armed with heavy machine guns and tanks, the Iraqi units held their ground and quickly began destroying American armored vehicles.  Soon, the call went out, 'Corpsman up!'. Without hesitation, HA Luis Fonseca ran to a burning vehicle that had been struck by enemy fire.  Under fire, he administered aid two the five wounded Marines, two of which were amputees.  He organized their movement to a casualty collection vehicle and stabilized the patients until that truck was disabled by enemy fire.  Fonseca again organized their movement and under continual fire, directed patient care and helped to load the casualties into a new vehicle.  Not able to carry all five, Fonseca stayed behind keeping his fellow Marine alive until someone could return to take him to the aid station.   Fonseca returned to his unit and continued to treat the wounded all the while, eventually making yet another trip with a casualty to the rear before moving back into the fire to be with his fellow Marines. For his bravery under fire, HA Luis Fonseca would be awarded the Navy Cross.   --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
28 min
Ready For Takeoff - Turn Your Aviation Passion Into A Career
Ready For Takeoff - Turn Your Aviation Passion Into A Career
Captain George Nolly
RFT 452: Airline Pilot Jim Allen
Jim attended the University of Kansas and enrolled in Navy ROTC. Although he was promised an assignment as a pilot, he was initially assigned as a Naval Flight Officer (back seater). He flew the EA-6B Prowler out of Whidbey Island, WA. In the EA-6B, he flew combat missions in Bosnia.  After his assignment, he finally got his slot to pilot training. As a pilot, he flew the EC-3, and electronic version of the P-3. He followed that assignment as a T-34 instructor in the Naval Training Command at Corpus Christi, TX. He flew 700 hours per year. He loved being an instructor, and decided that would be his future. He flew as an instructor for 15 years, amassing 3600 hours in the aircraft. After the Navy, Jim worked for an aerospace engineering company in Corpus Christi and flew for the Reserves. He enjoyed the environment at the engineering company, but missed full-time flying. For a short time he flew for JetBlue Airlines, but after a short time he had to leave for a family emergency. After JetBlue, he went to Iraq as a volunteer Individual Augmentee in the reserves. He was embedded with the army looking for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).  After Iraq, he flew 10 2-month tours in Afghanistan as a contractor flying King Air aircraft. He became an instructor almost immediately. Finally, Jim was hired by a legacy airline, where he now flies. Jim has written his autobiography, Plans That Make God Laugh.
1 hr 1 min
Battles of the First World War Podcast
Battles of the First World War Podcast
Mike Cunha
Champagne - Blanc Mont, Pt 2 (featuring Steven Girard)
On October 3rd, 1918, the Doughboys and Marines of the 2nd Division, AEF, hurled themselves against a hitherto impregnable German fortress: Blanc Mont ridge, the key to German defenses in Champagne. Podcast promo! If you’re interested in a daily podcast that gives you a short episode on anything from the history of the US penny to the Tunguska Event of 1908, then you need to head over to Gary Arndt’s “Everything Everywhere” podcast. Everything Everywhere podcast: Also, very excited to announce that I have teamed up with Nicole Chicarelli of The War Project on Instagram and Cullen Burke of the Cauldron Podcast (A History of the World Battle by Battle) to launch a new podcast project called “Fix Bayonets! First World War Podcast.” The story of WW1, from three view: strategic, tactical, and most importantly...human. Fix Bayonets! First World War Podcast: The BFWWP is on Patreon: Any questions, comments or concerns please contact me through the website, Follow us on Twitter at @WW1podcast, the Battles of the First World War Podcast page on FaceBook, and on Instagram at @WW1battlecast. Not into social media? Email me directly at Please consider reviewing the Battles of the First World War Podcast on iTunes.
37 min
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