AI #151 : F/A-18A+ Hornet | C.W. Lemoine AKA Mover *PART 2*
42 min

In part 2, Mover chats about his time flying the F/A-18A+ Hornet with VFA-204, his Spectre book series, and his YouTube channel all wrapped up with some great stories!

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War Stories
War Stories
Preston Stewart
1stLt Alexander Bonnyman (2/8 Marines) Battle of Tarawa, WWII 20-23NOV1943
20-23NOV1943:  Serving as an executive officer for a shore party during the assault on Tarawa, 1stLT Alexander Bonnyman found his fellow Marines pinned down by heavy Japanese fire on the beaches.  Despite the volume of fire, Bonnyman traversed the open beaches to acquire flame throwers and demo equipment, organize his men, and lead attacks into the Japanese positions. By the third day of the attack, Bonnyman and his fellow Marines were held up by a strongly fortified bunker holding an estimated 150 Japanese fighters.  This strong point was inflicting heavy casualties on the Marines and had to be destroyed.  1stLt Bonnyman led multiple attacks to try to overrun the position, returning only to replenish his ammunition.  Finally reaching the structure, Bonnyman placed explosive charges at two entrances as well as the roof.   This act flushed out nearly 100 enemy fighters that were engaged by nearby Marines.  Having placed the last charges himself, Bonnyman was right on top of the enemy as they fled.  He held his ground and killed three before falling to a volley of enemy fire.  With this final structure cleared, Bonnyman's fellow Marines were able to finally break the enemy resistance.   For his heroic actions on the beach and clearing the path inland on Tarawa, 1stLt Alexander Bonnyman would be awarded, posthumously, the Medal of Honor.   --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
22 min
The Live Drop
The Live Drop
Mark Valley
A Moscow Station Conversation with John Sipher who Shares the Secret to a Good Spy Story
The Live Drop's 50th Episode - John Sipher - CIA & Spycraft Entertainment from ** John retired in 2014 after a 28-year career in the Central Intelligence Agency’s National Clandestine Service. At the time of his retirement, he was a member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service, the leadership team that guides CIA activities globally. John served multiple overseas tours as Chief of Station and Deputy Chief of Station in Europe, Asia, and high-threat environments. He has significant experience working with foreign and domestic partners to solve national security challenges. John also served as a lead instructor in the CIA’s clandestine training school, and was a regular lecturer at the CIA’s leadership development program. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal. John is a sought-after foreign policy and intelligence expert. John speaks regularly on foreign policy and intelligence issues. His articles have been published in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Politico, Foreign Affairs, Newsweek, Slate, Lawfare, The Cipher Brief and Just Security, among others. He regularly appears on the PBS NewsHour, CNN, MSNBC, BBC and other outlets. *Twitter: **@john_sipher* In this episode John starts off with a discussion of his article  *Murdering Reality: The Spurious Spies of Spy Fiction**,  *and some of the mistakes writers and filmmakers are prone to make.  After a thorough discussion of the history of Soviet intelligence into the rise of Vladimir Putin, John shares some of his experience and perceptions of Russia during his service with CIA.  Unwilling to go quietly into consulting, Sipher reveals why he  decided to take his expertise and storied career into the entertainment business.  The Live Drop Podcast is fortunate to have had John as a guest for such a fun and far ranging discussion.   References to links, and works are below: * *Putin's People  **by Catherine Belton* * *The Gerasimov Doctrine**  by Molly McKew* * *European Values**  *- Prague Think Tank  * *Seventeen Moments of Spring **(1973)* *Episode 50 **** **Twitter  @thelivedrop** **Instagram  @thelivedrop** ** *
56 min
Amazing War Stories with Bruce Crompton
Amazing War Stories with Bruce Crompton
Bruce Crompton
The Cliff Rangers of Calvados
On June 6th 1944 a band of US Army Rangers undertook one of the second world war’s most daring missions. Ahead of the main D Day landings, under ferocious fire, they had to land on an exposed beach, scale a 100ft cliff before attacking a well armed and heavily defended German force. Against overwhelming numbers their mission was to silence the huge artillery guns that would target the invading Allied Armies that were about to land on D Day. But we can now reveal a secret about this famous operation that was classified for over 60 years This is the true story of 7 of the Rangers who took part in the mission to protect the hundreds of thousands of other troops landing on the Normandy beaches - sadly not all of them would make it through. They were the Cliff Rangers of Calvados Let us know what you think of this week's episode- use #AmazingWarStories to join the conversation Contributors- -Gary Sterne author of 'Cover-Up at Pointe du Hoc' and curator of the Maisy Battery, Normandy Website- Facebook- facebook/maisybattery -Davis Smith former US Marine weaponry & tactics specialist advisor For more about this episode and all of the incredible stories we have in store this series, follow us on your favourite social media platform on- Instagram @amazingwarstories Twitter @amazewarstories Episode Credits- Written & Produced by Paul Wooding Executive producer Ed Sayer Associate Producer Lois Crompton Sound design & 3D mastering by Vaudeville Sound Group See for privacy and opt-out information.
33 min
Inside The Black Box
Inside The Black Box
Black Box Podcast
Episode 12 (Part 2) - STS-107 (The Columbia Shuttle Disaster)
This is Part 2 of a two-part episode. In the early morning of 1st February 2003, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Mission Control Centre is a hive of activity. The control room is located at the Lyndon B Johnson Space Centre in Texas. The Mission Control Centre is more commonly known by its callsign, so named because of the city it is located in, Houston. While the technology contained within the room has become more sophisticated over the years since the beginning of US spaceflight, the purpose of Mission Control has remained the same, manage the flight of NASA’s spacecraft after launch until landing. This morning, the mission controllers will be overseeing the deorbit, reentry and landing of the Space Shuttle Orbiter, Columbia. It’s latest mission, STS-107 marks the 28th time the aircraft has launched into orbit, having completed a variety of missions throughout its 22 year career. Columbia is the oldest operational orbiter. While the three other orbiters, Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavour have focused on the construction of the new International Space Station in recent years, Columbia has had a different purpose. The 7 astronauts aboard the orbiter have just completed a 16 day scientific mission. Working 24 hours a day in two alternating shifts, the crew have completed 80 experiments with a particular focus on how microgravity affects humans and how they can adapt to the environment of space. At 0815am the deorbit begins.
2 hr 27 min
Battles of the First World War Podcast
Battles of the First World War Podcast
Mike Cunha
Champagne - Blanc Mont, Pt 2 (featuring Steven Girard)
On October 3rd, 1918, the Doughboys and Marines of the 2nd Division, AEF, hurled themselves against a hitherto impregnable German fortress: Blanc Mont ridge, the key to German defenses in Champagne. Podcast promo! If you’re interested in a daily podcast that gives you a short episode on anything from the history of the US penny to the Tunguska Event of 1908, then you need to head over to Gary Arndt’s “Everything Everywhere” podcast. Everything Everywhere podcast: Also, very excited to announce that I have teamed up with Nicole Chicarelli of The War Project on Instagram and Cullen Burke of the Cauldron Podcast (A History of the World Battle by Battle) to launch a new podcast project called “Fix Bayonets! First World War Podcast.” The story of WW1, from three view: strategic, tactical, and most importantly...human. Fix Bayonets! First World War Podcast: The BFWWP is on Patreon: Any questions, comments or concerns please contact me through the website, Follow us on Twitter at @WW1podcast, the Battles of the First World War Podcast page on FaceBook, and on Instagram at @WW1battlecast. Not into social media? Email me directly at Please consider reviewing the Battles of the First World War Podcast on iTunes.
37 min
Aviation News Talk podcast
Aviation News Talk podcast
Max Trescott | Glass Cockpit Publishing
168 How to Avoid Deadly Weather-Related Accidents – Safety Moment with Rob Mark
168 How to Avoid Deadly Weather-Related Accidents – Safety Moment with Rob Mark Your Cirrus Specialist. Call me if you're thinking of buying a new Cirrus SR20, SR22 or SF50 Vision Jet. Call 1-650-967-2500 for Cirrus purchase and training assistance, or to take my online seminar: So You Want to Fly or Buy a Cirrus. Please help support the show with a donation via PayPal or Patreon. Send us an email If you have a question you'd like answered on the show, let listeners hear you ask the question, by recording your listener question using your phone. Summary 168 Max talks with Flying Mag Sr. Editor Rob Mark about two recent fatal weather-related accidents and strategies for avoiding them. A family of four was killed in a SR22 after a low time Private pilot took off for a long trip at night and encountered weather. A doctor flying a Cessna 210 crashed in Texas while flying an instrument approach in freezing rain. A timely 180 could have saved both pilots. Mentioned in the Show Flying Magazine Rob Mark's blog SR22 Accident, weather in Arkansas Cessna 210 icing accident in Texas If you love the show and want more, visit my Patreon page to see fun videos, breaking news, and other posts in the Posts section. And if you decide to make a small donation each month, you can get some goodies! So You Want To Learn to Fly or Buy a Cirrus seminars Online Version of the Seminar Coming Soon - Register for Notification Check out our recommended ADS-B receivers, and order one for yourself. Yes, we'll make a couple of dollars if you do. Check out our recommended Aviation Headsets, and order one for yourself! Get the Free Aviation News Talk app for iOS or Android. Check out Max's Online Courses: G1000 VFR, G1000 IFR, and Flying WAAS & GPS Approaches. Find them all at: Get Max Trescott's G1000 and Perspective Glass Cockpit Handbook, now in its Fifth edition. Call 800-247-6553 to order. Social Media Follow Max on Instagram Follow Max on Twitter Aviation News Talk podcasts YouTube channel Max Trescott is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
50 min
Mentors for Military Podcast
Mentors for Military Podcast
aka Mentors4Mil
EP-259 | Josh Porter
Staff Sergeant Josh Porter entered the U.S. Army from the Army Reserves in 2009 as a Parachute Rigger (92R) and after initial training, including airborne school, he was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division Sustainment Brigade, the 507th PIR and the command exhibition parachute team "The Silver Wings" at Fort Benning. He's served on multiple deployments, including with the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), and has attended and graduated from SERE400, Static Line Jumpmaster Course, Advanced Leaders Course, Military Freefall Course, and Military Freefall Jumpmaster Course, FAA Senior Rigger course, Joint Airdrop Load inspector, and USPA Tandem Instructor. Josh is currently assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, U.S. Army Special Operations Command, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, as a full-time member of the USASOC Parachute Demonstration Team known as the "Black Daggers". On this episode, Josh joins Robert and Patty Collins to share his journey within the Army and also his personal struggle of losing close friend 1LT Weston Lee to an IED while on a deployment in Iraq. We discuss veteran suicide and how important it is to create an authentic "family" environment for military personnel without the negative stigma often associated with it. _______________ This episode is brought to you by UnCanna. Visit today for all of your Hemp CBD products. UnCanna is veteran owned and operated. If you enjoy our content and you want to help support our show, visit to become a donor of our podcast. Support a veteran owned business at today! Follow Mentors for Military: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Homepage:
1 hr 43 min
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