Eat Train Prosper
Eat Train Prosper
Mar 16, 2021
Psychology of Doing Less - Best Rep Range - Post "Cheat" Plan | ETP#11
Play • 54 min

This week we have another Instagram Q&A covering the psychology around "doing less", how to balance your volume between rep ranges, and appropriate course of action following a blowout/cheat meals and philosophies here.

*Note. Bryan was experiencing some audio hardware issues later into the episode.

Topics Explored:

1. Coming from a higher volume training program (for example: competitive Crossfit) The process of psychological acceptance that it’s possible “less is more” and how you might diagnose your true volume requirements.

2. Regarding different rep ranges for hypertrophy, is there a “best one” for an individual? Or should we split volume evenly between all of the suggested rep ranges for hypertrophy. (5-10, 10-15, 15-25+)

3. The day after a cheat meal is it ok to eat intuitively for carbs and fats versus meeting my macros?

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