Silvia Hartmann - Maximize your Book Writing Success with these Modern Energy Secrets
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 Silvia Hartmann, creator of Modern Energy and president of The Guild of Energists. shows authors and creatives how to maximize your energy for ongoing success in your creativity and productivity.

 Silvia is a genius for creating programmes, concepts, and multiple books that change lives, and explode stuck concepts about time, space, reality. Today we focus on creativity! Based in the UK, originally from Germany, Silvia has a large YouTube following offering wisdom on all things Modern Energy.

Silvia's quote that opens the interview:
"You are the creator. Raise your energy, state your aims and outcomes. Bring your mind body spirit in the same place at the same time and discover just how amazing the things you do can become."

The Modern Energy Chart.

Silvia’s Modern Energy Chart shows how our emotional-energy states affect our creativity as writers. She explains this in the podcast interview.

The Energy Chart goes from +10 to -10.

It begins with Genius Level (+10) when you’re in your genius state.

Says Silvia: “When you’re connected, you know what you’re doing, your body is moving fluidly. You’re not making any mistakes, you’re perfectly in the zone. This is not exclusive to clever people. Any human being, if they get high enough energy, will become poetic, will express themselves in extremely creative, even holy, terms.

“But when this energy is depleted, your creativity, productivity and mindset gradually drop lower and lower. You sink so low you question yourself: Am I good enough, creative enough? Will I ever get another inspiration?”

“Any artist, writer, or creative going through these energy highs and lows may question themselves because of such energy fluctuations.

“Writer’s block starts when the writer has an idea but not the energy to action it. Then his energy drops further to zero, and he’s feeling neither good nor bad—just everything is boring and dreary, like he’s sitting in front of a white wall and watching the paint dry.


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