#20 Marc Allen, Founder of New World Library, shares the Magical Path to Success in Life and Writing your Book
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Taking the Magical Path to success in life and writing your book is the theme of this interview with Marc Allen.
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Marc Allen, world-famous Author of 18 books, and head of New World Library, publishers of 650 books, including The Power of Now by Eckhard Tolle, shared with Caryl Westmore the following insightful wisdom about writing and publishing today:

Marc believes totally in writing a book from your heart - not from your head. And definitely advises not to follow a current trend or fad. 
He says: "The secret of writing a good book really is to write from your heart. Write what is inside you, just like the title of your wonderful podcast. Don't write from your head, do not write trying to follow trends or anything like that. Write what's in your heart and soul and what is really meaningful to you."

Although he has been a traditional publisher with New World Library for more than 44 years Marc is a huge supporter of self-publishing, having started his publishing company with his then-girlfriend Shakti Gawain from their kitchen table.

"I just self-published a few little books. And then my girlfriend at the time named Shakti Gawain did a book we published called Creative Visualization. And suddenly, we had this word of mouth bestseller (today her book has sold 6 million copies) and a whole company grew up around my self-publishing efforts".

Facts shared by Marc Allen:

  •  New World Library is still publishing and marketing books "the good old way," says Marc.

"We're still doing it the same way of a good solid traditional publisher that gives the author an advance and does not ask any money from the author. We really try to sell books and we make our money off book sales, we don't charge the author."

  • "What if you've already self-published,  would you need to show sales of at least 1000 or 2000 books? Would a publisher like yourself still be interested in a self-published book?"Yeah, definitely. We have picked up self-published books, any publisher will. And yeah, if you can sell 1000/2000 on your own, you'll get some interest from some publisher, because in a way, you've done the marketing research, you've shown this book will sell.
  • Author Platform counts. "But more and more what publishers look at today is what you as an author can do to promote your book. Do you have a mailing list? Where are you on social media? The buzz phrase now is what's the author's platform? "
  • Marc believes in the power of prayer. That's how he picked up the then barely known writer Eckhard Tolle whose book The Power of Now had been published in Canada.

"For a week or two walking around my house, I began to pray to take a quantum leap financially and personally. A week or two after I started praying this, my marketing manager casually mentioned Tolle's book and once I held got it into my hands, I knew it was for New World Library."
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