[5 Min Friday] Be Happier: "High Five Habit" and "The Gap and the Gain" tell you how.
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In today's FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY, I ask: Do you want to be happier now? Tips from two best-selling books I'm currently reading could make your week much happier or change your life for good.

The two books I'm referring to are The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan, coauthored with Dr. Benjamin Hardy, and from Mel Robbins, The High Five Habit. They're both high on the best-selling lists at the moment as I'm recording this at the end of October 2021.
Let's look at them. And see what happens in the next week if you follow what I describe to you from these books. 

Number one, high-five yourself in the mirror, encouragingly every morning. According to Mel Robbins, author of The High Five Habit you are cheering yourself in a way that you usually reserve for others - yet it's crucial in stressful times to root for yourself. As you look into the mirror, and high-five yourself something magical happens. Instead of seeking love and support outside yourself from others. As you go through your day you realise you've given it to yourself, you sent yourself a message "I believe in you, I see you, you've got this!"

Number two book is The Gap and the Gain. Understanding the difference between living in the gap versus the gain can make all the difference to your happiness. And the way to do that is to not look at how far you've got to go. But how far you've come. Stop harping on where you fall short of your goals and ideals. And instead, notice and applaud yourself for how far you've come. How much wisdom and growth you've gained in the game of life.

That's the powerful message in this book - a true gem of inspiration from authors Dan Sullivan, and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. Living in the gap is stressful and leads you to wanting external validation while grasping at material goals to fulfill you. Instead, aim to measure your progress backward against where you started, not against the ideal, says Dan Sullivan. Embrace an attitude of gratitude for where you are right now.

And now an announcement from Break-Free Fast Publishing, today's sponsor: "I'm driving with Nick - wanting to announce that my book You can Break-Free Fast is now available on Amazon, ACX/Audible. So anyone who's interested can hear me reading the book and it's been a big step for me while taking quite a few months since I started recording it and announced I was recording it to the day that my sound guy engineer okayed it and tweaked it and now it's up and ready. So celebrate with me. Hi Five!

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Amazon links to the books in this episode:
You Can Break-Free Fast EFT Tapping - 3 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck and attract the Life You Love
AUDIBLE USA: https://adbl.co/3GT7nD8
AUDIBLE UK https://adbl.co/3bLU5tS

The Gap and the Gain
The High Five Habit

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