#14 "The Day I Didn't Kill Myself." New author DebS gets Caryl Westmore's input on her Memoir
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Meet DebS, author of the upcoming Memoir "The Day I didn't Kill Myself."
After finishing writing her book she wondered - what next?   

A member of the
Writing the Book Inside You  Facebook Group, Debs met with Caryl to get some input on her next best steps.

Listen to how she got clarity on her book title, sub-title and the opening paragraphs which Caryl advised should "hook the reader" from the get-go.

Debs says how she originally titled her book "How Words Can Change your Life" or "How words Can Heal your Life".  The book she says is "essentially my memoir about how I became depressed following a divorce, and then having suicidal thoughts. And obviously, I didn't follow up on that otherwise, I wouldn't be here today."

It was initially all about the words, the words that jumped into her head, then it was about words that people had said to her.
"I thought the title seemed to make sense, celebrating that there is such a thing as life after divorce, there is such a thing as life after depression, there is such a thing as life after having suicidal thoughts," she says.

One day she heard the poem "The Morning after I Killed myself".  It was written from the point of view of somebody wishing that they hadn't, but it was too late.

In this interview, she shares the story of how this led to her final title "The Day I didn't kill myself."

"But I didn't have a very good subtitle," she says.  

That's where Caryl Westmore gave her key ideas which made her subtitle enticing for readers.

You will also hear how the opening of the book got a new hook.

Realizing she was near-suicidal 20 years ago sent Debs on a healing journey which she shares in this interview.  It is also woven into the book (with many of the therapies that helped her including Emotional Freedom Techniques). She hopes that she can help others who are on the brink of despair and depression to realize there IS life after divorce and deep depression.

Debs also shares how much of her adult depression and feelings of being unloved originated in her early childhood when her Mum, suffering from post-natal depression and mental health issues left home with her brother - leaving her feeling unlovable and abandoned.

A key part of her healing journey was to rescue and re-parent her Younger Self and to talk over the past with her mother.

Writing is a cathartic journey says Debs who recommends it to anyone who is thinking of writing a transformational memoir.

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