Episode 10 - Michelle Weidenbenner Interview — Mission to Help 1-Million Moms of Addicted Loved Ones to Find Hope and Self-Recovery
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For a mother faced with an addicted son or daughter – whether to alcohol, drugs etc - the struggle to stay sane while trying to save them (and cope with the pain) can become all-consuming.  It can turn her life into a living nightmare for herself – and the rest of her family. But what if this concern is compounded by realizing her grandchildren are impacted – possibly even in danger – due to the toxic behavior of the addict?

This is what happened to Michelle Weidenbenner, today’s guest on the Write the Book inside You Podcast. When she first realized her son and his wife had a serious addiction problem, Michelle says she had no place to turn to get support and understanding about what she was going through.  Her friends would say “well don’t enable him” and “he’ll have to reach rock bottom.”

But for Michelle, this was no help. 
“What did they mean?” she asked, “that he had to die?  I didn’t think he wanted to be in that place of despair.”

Her 7-Step program for "Mom recovery" follows the metaphor of a seed from germination to flowering because she says: "

An award-winning author of novels, an inspirational memoir, and children’s books, Michelle never envisaged her retirement years like this.
Instead of playing golf, writing books, and enjoying time with her husband and grandchildren – she has answered a God-calling to share how she recovered from the pain in her family situation – and now shows Moms of Addicted Loved Ones that they can too.


For Michelle Weidenbenner's program and a free copy of her book here: https://michelleweidenbenner.com

Get help by joining her community of Moms in her Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/ChiefHopeBuilder

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • The motivation behind Michelle's book and her journey as a mother of an addicted son. 
  • Repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic for recovering addicts and their families. 
  • Michelle's perspectives on 'mom-guilt' and the cycle that mothers go through dealing with a child's problems. 
  • What it means to let go and make healthier decisions for everyone in the family 
  • The seed and the flower; the seven-step growth process of self-recovery.
  • Grounding factors for mothers and the hope that shared stories can provide.
  • Michelle's experience taking responsibility for her grandchildren to keep them safe. 
  • The importance of clarity and how Michelle goes about emphasizing this through her work.  
  • Focussing on a specific audience and delivering the message that they need. 

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