Episode 09 - Vince Kramer shares the Miracle of You, Your Life Purpose and his Wake-up Calls
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Do you ever wonder about your Life Purpose and Mission – especially when it comes to writing the book inside you? Vince Kramer shares his “miracle” story in this interview…

As his grandmother lay dying, she called Vince Kramer to her hospital bedside and asked everyone else to leave. She obviously had something important to tell him. He bent closer as she whispered into his ear a reminder of something he had told her when he was five years old. Something he had forgotten and pushed down into oblivion for the next 30 years – until a mid-life crisis and painful wake-up calls turned him finally in the direction of his life’s mission and purpose. 

Recalling that dramatic moment with his grandmother, Vince says: “She reminded me that I told her I wanted to help people love themselves so they could love others.”

But influenced by the instructions from the men in his life (like his grandfather, a military man) Vince had set out to be a “real man” in a world of competition, striving, and achievement. Success came in his career in both the military and as an airline pilot (until United Airlines went bankrupt losing his trust in certainty along with his retirement fund).

Today Vince is co-founder with his wife Mary of “Imagines Miracles” coaching and inspiring you to see the miracle within YOU. He sees the miracle in every person – because we are each unique.

But in the intervening years, he has been learning from every circumstance in his life to bring to his miracles teaching today.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Vince's experiences at 17 years old, talking to his grandmother on her deathbed. 
  • The wake-up calls that have occurred in later life that brought Vince back to his purpose. 
  • The image of a golden microphone and how this has persisted through Vince's journey. 
  • Vince's podcast, The Miracle U, and the space it has created for further progress. 
  • The transition that Vince has had to make from writing technically into more approachable prose. 
  • A little about the chapter that Vince contributed to Mastering the Art of Success!
  • Vince's definition of a miracle; the use of gifts and talents that enables others to do the same. 
  • Further books that Vince has in the pipeline to help his audience!
  • The individual nature of the journey of life; finding your own best life. 
  • Vince's evolving mantra and the focus he maintains on setting an intent for every day. 
  • An exciting gift that Vince has in store for all the listeners of this podcast! 
  • Vince's inspiring message for all healers about using your unique gifts and talents. 

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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