Episode 05 - Write a Book and Self-publish on Amazon? Why There Has Never Been a Better Time than NOW
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NOW is the best time ever to write and self-publish your nonfiction book on Amazon worldwide. This episode will inspire you to get going and not die with your song unsung, your book unwritten.
As a Coach, Soulpreneur, Holistic Therapist, EFT, or Matrix Reimprinting expert who longs to get your book out of your head and heart and into the world, know that your book will help you stand out like a "Sparkling Unicorn in a sea of sameness."
Join the movement of self-published authors  (aka indie/independent authors) and reach countries and libraries beyond Amazon. In this episode, Caryl shares her top BOOK HOOK tips that can make your book irresistible; from knowing your why and your who to keeping focus, sharing your signature system, and using just five words in your "hooky" title. All this and more, so make sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Even a "77-years-young" man can get his memories into books on Amazon! Caryl starts with a story about Nick, who loved telling tales from his travels around the world.
  • How Caryl helped Nick publish his letters as a book, so he could share with his friends and family his funny stories from abroad
  • Caryl says: put your wisdom and signature system into a book to amplify your clarity, confidence, and client attraction - plus cash-flow!
  • Why there has never been a better time to write a book and self-publish.
  • Self-publishing on Amazon: Kindle first and then print, or both at once.
  • Learn statistics on self-publishing, including fiction and non-fiction titles.
  • Did you know audiobooks are poised to overtake e-books in the future?
  • Five book hook tips that can make your book irresistible:
  • Tip#1 Know your WHY
  • Tip#2 Who you are to write this book and who you want to reach (ideal reader)
  • Tip#3  Be clear, keep focus, (on a single topic) and save additional ideas for another book.
  • Tip #4 : Share your signature system, steps, or roadmap.
  • Tip#5: Cover design and about a Hooky TITLE - pay attention to this tip!
  • Make the first draft easy by thinking of it as...not a "vomit draft" nor a "shitty first draft" but...Caryl quotes fantasy author Shannon Hale about sand and sandcastles!
  •  “Will a book make me rich?” Caryl says that’s the wrong question. Rather ask: “Will a book enrich my life – and that of others?” She cites Louise Hay, Louise Bates and herself who wrote their first books to help others – not to get rich.
  • Finally, Caryl urges listeners not to die with their song unsung, their book unwritten.
  • Fulfil your dream to one day hear: "Your book changed my life."

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