Look Up, Literally
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Can I ask you something? Where do you look when you are going for a walk, hike, run? 

I noticed something about myself and wonder if you do the same thing. When I walk, run or go for a hike, I find myself looking down  A LOT. I noticed this when I was going for a walk today and I was just looking down at the ground. I was very aware of where I was looking - the dirty ground, and when I actually picked my head up, lifted it, looked up, my entire perspective changed. My view had changed, and I was feeling better. 

Yes, I was looking down because I was in my head. I was walking with my head toward the ground, shoulders shrugged forward and my eyes gazing at the ground, because I was thinking negatively, I was working through some challenges I was going through. And, usually it's fear, anxiety, stress, grief, worry. So, my physical appearance and how my body was shaped was indicative of how I was thinking. 

But, when I changed my body posture, when I picked my head and looked up, when I changed where my eyes were looking - I could see the ocean waves, the sand, look at people's faces as they walked by. It was a totally different perspective. It was lighter, brighter and I could feel my negative feelings and thoughts start to disappear. 

I was really curious about this - how posture and where we are looking, looking down vs. up, could have an impact on our minds, the way we think. While I was researching, I came across studies about this exact topic, and there is a direct correlation. 

Check out this episode to learn more about this. Making this simple shift can truly have a positive impact on your mind, how you think and how you feel. 


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