Rise Mindset
Rise Mindset
Feb 20, 2021
Are you angry? I am too.
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In this episode, I talk specifically about anger. This is a challenging emotion to navigate, it can take over our entire body and can make us do and say things that we may not mean. 

When my son was diagnosed and throughout our journey of autism, I have seen anger rise up inside of me - I have let it take control of me rather than taking control of it. 

What I learned is the emotion of anger may not even be related fully to the circumstance that is actually happening. It can be rooted in so many othert hings, that impact our anger, how it comes out, how we deal with it. 

Anger doesn't solve anything and I talk about ways to cope and create your own toolbox to find ways to handle your emotions, particularly anger. 

I also talk about acceptance in this episode. Perhaps our anger comes from not actually accepting our circumstances, accepting a diagnosis. It can also stem from going through the grieving process. 

Regardless of what your anger is rooted in, finding ways to cope with it, to adknowledge it, use your toolbox to let it all go. This is critical to your success as a parent, to make mindset shifts in this area of anger to support your child and your family in the best way. 

The last thing I’ll say is acceptance. Perhaps we’re angry because we also haven't fully accepted what the situation is. We’re holding on thinking things will change when they aren’t changing fast enough, when they are not changing at all. We want to take it out on someone, on our kids, our spouse, but often times it’s our inability to accept what we cannot change. It’s our want and desire for something we envisioned in our lives, that does not exist. We may be feeling sorry for ourselves and haven't gotten to a place where we accept our child for who they are, for everything they are and we are stuck. We do have to figure out how to let this go, how to make this shift into acceptance, even though it is a really difficult time. We have to be able to move beyond what we wanted, what we hoped for and realize what we cannot change, progress forward ourselves and focus on what we have right in front of us. 

That’s it for this episode. If you can relate to this, please subscribe or follow this podcast so you never miss an episode. And I’m curious, How would or do you respond when people say this? I’m curious...DM me @susanfink.rise. I really would love to hear from you. 

My mission is to help as many people as I can and I cannot do that without you. Thank you, thank you thank you for listening, thank you for your support in sharing this podcast to help others. And until next time, I appreciate, I empathize, and I am here for you. and...We...can do this

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