Pepper Spotlight
Pepper Spotlight
Mar 24, 2021
Ep 8 | Journalism, Writing and the Creator Economy ft. Shephali Bhatt
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With the rise of tech and social media, journalism has turned its attention to the web over the years. But this has also given birth to problems like fake news and cancel culture. 

In this episode, Shephali Bhatt talks about the current state of journalism and how it can be more authentic and inclusive.

She covers some interesting topics around the creator economy like influencers turning investors, underrated journalism trends in India, building a personal brand as a writer, and more.

We Discussed: 

(0:00) - Introduction

(2:15) - How did Shephali end up as a journalist?

(4:24) - Shephali's first job.

(5:12) - The freelance journey

(7:00) - Influencers as Investors.

(10:34) - How Shephali is up-to-date with trends.

(13:27) - Underrated trends/ topics in India.

(19:00) - Major trends in journalism in 2021.

(22:50) - How does Shephali make sure the news is accurate?

(24:23) - How can a writer build a personal brand online?

(29:22) - Shephali's favourite writing genre.

(31:22) - Lightning Round

(38:54) - 3 things writers should NOT do

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