Wrangling Your Thoughts: A Quick Exercise for Lasso Your Energy
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"Lassoing" Your Energy: A Quick Exercise for a More Productive Life

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the constant chatter in your head? Do you find yourself constantly reflecting on the past or worrying about the future? If so, you are not alone. In the latest episode of "Career Strategies for Women That Work," we will explore an exercise called "lassoing" to help manage your energy and shift your focus.

This exercise helps to physically move the energy from your head to other parts of your body, providing a new perspective and giving your mind a break from constantly processing information.  

There is even an option to deposit this energy into the ground, where it can be fertilized by mother nature and create space for new growth.

It can be challenging to find time to slow down when we have so many responsibilities and people depending on us. However, prioritizing our energy is often needed to shift. This exercise can be done anywhere, anytime, and can help you feel more productive and focused.

"Seeking," includes a chapter on managing energy and can be found on Amazon or in local bookstores. As managing one's energy and achieving success in all aspects of life. 

Give the "lassoing" exercise a try and see how it can benefit your daily routine!

Lassoing Your Energy [00:01:55] The speaker introduces a mindfulness exercise for managing one's energy by lassoing it from the head down to the heart center.

Purpose of Lassoing Your Energy [00:06:20] The speaker explains the purpose of lassoing one's energy, which is to move energy around the body to get a new perspective, think of things differently, and give the head a break.

Spreading White Light [00:07:04] The speaker talks about spreading white light and love from the heart to the rest of the body as a way to give mental break and intercept negative self-talk.

Shifting Energy [00:07:57] The host talks about how shifting energy in the body can give a new perspective and help determine what is worth thinking about.

Depositing Energy [00:08:53] The host shares a technique for depositing energy that is no longer serving into the ground, allowing space for new energy and perspective.

Season Four Introduction [00:08:53] The host introduces season four of the podcast and teases upcoming episodes about raising energy and aligning with life's work.

Thank you for joining me ~ here are some other resources for you!

JJ's new book Seeking: https://www.amazon.com/Seeking-Findings-Energy-Sidestep-Self-Doubts/dp/B0BKQCWJ62

Join me live in my energy community: https://www.togetherweseek.online/

Visit my website for retreats and free resources: https://jjdigeronimo.com/

My energy podcast Together We Seek: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1923001

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