Make Dance Fun
Make Dance Fun
Jan 13, 2021
Our Creative Process
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In Episode 3, we are sharing a behind-the-scenes look at our creative process! We find inspiration from travel, shopping, fashion, magazines, fabric, colors, nature, Pinterest, books, movies, and more! Our ideas for everything are born from this inspiration!

Performing Company Costumes: We are very inspired by fashion and trends. We use Pinterest to organize our inspo, and take ideas from different parts of dresses or outfits we've pinned to sketch out a costume design.  Our seamstress creates a sample that we tweak it until it works, and then embellish it with rhinestones, appliques, pom poms, patches,  and more. To learn all our costume designing secrets, check out Fabric Shopping in NYC: A Complete Guide for Designing Custom Costumes where we share ALL we know about creating and designing costumes! 

Events:  Here's a look at 3 different events and how we got our inspiration!

  • Open House: We look at what is going on in pop culture, specifically with kids!
  • Themed classes or camps: We survey different age groups and ask about their current favorite TV shows, songs, toy, activities, etc.  
  • Confetti Bloom Symposyum - We were really into flowers when planning this virtual event, so we took that as a sign for our theme.  We made a long list of every type of flower, word and pun and came up with the name and fun ways to incorporate flowers into every aspect of the presentation.

Competition/Recital Routines: Combine a few things that don’t necessarily go together, but try to mash them up in some way, like mermaids and NYC...the beach and candy...disco and flowers...snow and tigers. Be different by going off the beaten path and challenging yourself to more than the go-to mix of standard songs or that latest popular song. 

Recital Themes: We look at the overall vibe of the show or movie that we are considering.  Is it colorful and cheerful or darker? Does it have a good mix of both to keep the younger and older dancers excited and engaged? What is the soundtrack like and are there enough concepts within that theme to create multiple routines for all ages and levels? Who are the characters, how many are there and what are their personalities? Once the theme is determined, it inspires our studio decor, marketing, summer camps and more for the whole year. 

We hope this has given you a little insight into our creative process and some inspiration to help YOU be creative! 

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