Rewilding Love
Rewilding Love
Jan 18, 2021
EP11: Key Relationship Takeaways Part 1
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Alicia, Mateo, Rohini, and Angus come back together for part one of their group session following the breakaway phase of the weekend intensive. We hear what can be described as a celebration and confirmation of the insights Mateo and Alicia have uncovered during their time with the Rewilders. They both reflect on past upset from a new perspective, while discussing a recent dinner out that would have "gone south" before their journey with Rohini and Angus began. Mateo was able to keep his cool, realizing he was actually just upset that he had to wait to eat, instead of assuming Alicia was doing something to make him feel irritated.

Alicia shared about her upset over Valentine's Day and her realization that it wasn't actually about the holiday at all. Instead it was about a shared responsibility communication breakdown that she feels confident they can sort out better next time one comes up. Rohini reflects on Alicia's significant anxiety reduction compared with when she first arrived.

Though they both share about their insights, we hear Alicia seeming a bit more confident in their steadfastness, while Mateo tees up questions and concerns we'll hear in the next episode. Will Mateo's insights last?

This episode explores:

  • Releasing the internal narrative when showing up to relationship -- the value of presence
  • Importance of realizing we have a narrative going on -- not a clear picture of reality
  • Approaching the day with a blank slate
  • Navigating low moods vs. thinking we shouldn’t have them anymore
  • Reinforcing when to engage with each other and when not to

Show Notes
Wobbler: Angus begins the episode in a low mood, wearing his wobbler on his sleeve.
Flash in the pan: Angus's concern that Mateo may not stay with his insights. Were they just a "flash in the pan"?
Disney ending: A fairy tale ending rarely experienced in "real life". 
Pop Rocks: Candy that explodes in your mouth; also the taste of discontent being replaced by wellbeing.

Podcast music
Rewilding Love features the music of RhythmPharm with Los Angeles based Master drummer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Greg Ellis, born and raised in the Bay Area. Episode 11 includes selections from: Violet/Balance; Blue/Calm; Orange/Nourishment; Yellow/Clarity.

To leave questions and comments for Ask Anything Episodes Call: (424) 272-6497

Angus & Rohini Ross are “The Rewilders.” They love working with couples and helping them to reduce conflict and discord in their relationships. They co-facilitate individualized couples' intensives that rewild relationships back to their natural state of love. Rohini is the author of the ebook Marriage, and they are co-founders of The 29-Day Rewilding Experience and The Rewilding Community. You can also follow Angus and Rohini Ross on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To learn more about their work visit:

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