The secrets to achieving a perfect underwater take, with Ian Seabrook
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Shooting a scene underwater is not the same as shooting it on set. The directors have to consider variables such as the light, the camera’s weight, how to manage it in the water, and other factors to pull off an extraordinary sequence. Ian Seabrook, an Underwater Director of Photography in the Motion Picture and Television Industry, explains the difficulties of filming under these conditions and accomplishing amazing results and an unbelievable scene. He tells how they handle these sequences with the rest of the production team and how they prepare the actors for this kind of shooting. He worked on productions such as Batman v Superman, Deadpool 2, and Jungle Cruise. He also contributed his underwater skills to high-profile documentary films, television, commercial, music videos, and Imax productions and was awarded Double Gold Medals for Cinematography at the 2019 Telly Awards.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The journey of Ian Seabrook, from diver to a professional underwater director of photography. 
  • Some tactics he used in different movies to achieve the right shots in challenging takes underwater. He tells his experience working on Batman v. Superman, iRobot, Jungle Cruise, and so much more.  
  • The skills needed for the job.
  • The difference between working underwater and onset.
  • How they prepare for an underwater take. 
  • Advice for anyone who aspires to become a filmmaker. 

If you want to learn more about Ian´s work, visit his Dorsalfin Productions Underwater Cinema website or his social media.  

Instagram: @dorsalfinprod

LinkedIn: Ian Seabrook

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