How VFX Gives You The Chance to Animate a Dragon on a Budget with Fractal Artist, Julius Horsthuis
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Have 3D movies taken advantage of technological advancements or is 2D even better? Julius Horsthuis knows the answer better than anyone. He is a digital artist, specialist in VFX and fractal art, and worked on the Oscar-winning movie Manchester By The Sea, and on several Dutch films such as Nova Zembla. From the age of 12 he was already in love with movies and tried to recreate his favorites with an old VHS camcorder. After high school, Julius worked on various movie sets as a sound recorder, clapper loader, and focus puller. Once he had enough experience, he assumed the creative supervision of the film with the most visual effects in the Netherlands: Koning van Katoren. In 2013 he began experimenting with fractal environments, creating his film Fractal Time, a unique combination of abstract and cinematic animation, which was recognized by Forbes as one of the 35 Best XR Experiences of 2019. 

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Starting when he was 12 years old Julius recreated his favorite movies with a VHS and knew that he wanted to dedicate himself to the cinema and create spectacular visuals.
  • How do you create a dragon without a budget for Game of Thrones? At Koning van Katoren they had to do 850 visual effects shots to get it done.
  • The two main branches of visual effects; one who tries to do everything possible in front of the camera and the other who uses the latest digital effects.
  • The importance of technical knowledge, but also creativity to achieve great visual effects.
  • 2D vs 3D. Which is better?
  • Why it’s important to use visual effects to do something new and not try to replicate something that has already been done. 

To learn more about Julius, follow him on Instagram, or visit his website.

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