Escape Your Comfort Zone
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Imagine the mind-blowing shift in perspective that reveals broader horizons when the butterfly first breaks free from the cocoon. Its said that life begins just outside our comfort zone. Stepping into unfamiliar territory requires us to reexamine aspects of ourselves and our stale routines.

Globally, weve been isolated, cocooned, and grounded much like the caterpillar. The metamorphosis has begun. Our wings are ready. Were now being called to fly and explore new terrain.

In this episode, things get real as we share personal experiences and chat about

  • The downside of staying in our comfort zone
  • The beneficial perks of switching things up
  • How to step out with confidence & courage

Busting out of the labels and identifying our contrasting desires frees up those suppressed parts of ourselves that have been denied. This is how we embrace the fullness of who we are. Who knows, we might even become more interesting people. We share an extraordinary example of this that might make you ask WTF?!

Its a magical, transitional time. The world is changing and transformation is in the air. So, say bye-bye comfort zone and hello conscious zone!

Oh, and stick around for the Fun Facts segment where the Chicks dish on each other.

Peace up儭 & Big love

Angel & Alecia



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