Kelly Bargabos
You’re a leader. So what? Being a leader is more than the position you hold, the degree you’ve earned, or the size of your company, department or team that you manage. Being a leader is much more than appearances, fancy corner offices or impressive titles and salaries. Let’s be honest, being a leader is only useful, practical and meaningful when it is used to get things done. Moving people forward. Creating change. Building where there was nothing. HERE TO LEAD is a podcast for leaders—experienced or new, aspiring or accomplished—who want practical insight, hands-on tools and advice on how to unleash the power in their leadership. The power you need to Execute strategy, Advance change and Drive results. After all, that’s what we’re here for. Kelly Bargabos, a successful finance and operations executive who also loves to write, witness and give voice to ideas, will share her experience, observations, and real-life examples to transform your leadership from an idea on paper to a powerful force. New episodes will post every week.
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